A New Year for Me

Happy New Year to all of you! Hopefully, this year is starting off on the right foot for all of us!


I am excited to say that I now have an ebook on Amazon currently for sale called, "Grow and Harvest Ten Medicinal Herbs in your Backyard".  Follow the link above.   This book is an introduction to medicinal herbs for the budding herbalist who dreams of growing their own medicine.  You can learn what environment is best to grow the herb, which part to harvest and how to do that, what actions each herb has on the body, and different herbal preparations commonly used with each herb along with the standard dosage used.  Here is what I have to say about this book in the introduction:

"You might be expecting to read about common culinary herbs, and how to grow and use them, but I will be discussing native and European medicinal herbs. You are more likely to find them growing in fields, by streams, in the meadows, along railroad tracks, or even beside the road. I like to grow them myself to save the wild species from overharvesting, to know for certain that there are no pesticides or other chemicals sprayed near them, and just for the pride of knowing I grew them with love myself. This book will discuss common boneset, motherwort, sweet leaf, calendula, chamomile, echinacea, white horehound, lemon balm, skullcap, and marshmallow. With these herbs, you will have an assortment of medicine available that will calm nerves, soothe sore throats, expel mucous, reduce inflammation, bring down a fever, help with the female reproductive system, improve digestion, improve immunity, and much more."

I also made it easy for the reader to understand the terminology by adding a glossary of terms!  It is available for download for only $2.99!  Eventually, I will have it available to download for free when you sign up for my emails.  Soon, the printed copy of this book will also be made available to the reader for future reference.   Please let me know what you think about it!  I would love for everyone interested to grow their own medicinal herb garden and have the right information to get started.  Learn about these ten herbs and wait for my upcoming book, "Simple Training for the Modern Day Herbalist" to help the budding herbalist begin their training.  After years of teaching students about herbalism, I realized that there is so much information out there and so many different avenues to learn that my students were becoming a little overwhelmed.  They needed step-by-step directions made easy in order for them to continue learning herbalism.  This book gives them that plus it will include many more herbs and recipes I have personally used for years.